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Rent Conditions for bikes by Sporthütte Fiegl GmbH in
cooperation with Sport B. Riml GmbH

1. Guarantee

As depot you have to leave a copy of your ID (driver´s license or credit card). When you will bring back the material and anything is broken, you have to pay it complete. This can be debited from your credit card.

2. theft / loss

Thefts and losses are not insured. If anything of this is happened, you have to pay the replacement costs.

3. check

The person, who signs the contract, confirms that he have checked the equipment before he used it the first time and that the material is complete functional.

4. takeover

If any defects are discovered during the takeover, these must be announced to the rental staff immediately! Without insurance, the renter is liable for all damages occurring during the period.

5. return

When you bring back the material later than confirmed, we charge the rest which is still to pay.

6. damage on the rental material

The rental material is not insured. Optionally, you can pay a nominal charge of € 17.00 per bike for the entire rental period, material damages up to a value of € 700.00 are insured. Damage, which exceeds this amount, as well as theft or improper handling must be paid by the renter himself. For damages without insurance, the replacement value of the damaged parts must be paid. The insurance amount in the Bronze category is € 5,00.

7. route selection

On the course where you will drive, you have to take the risk on your own and also for the equipment.

8. cleaning

Before you will bring back the complete equipment to our shop, you have to clean everything.

9. Liability insurance

The renter confirms with his signature, that he has a liability insurance, which takes the complete costs, when everything should happen.

10. Minors

Minors between 16 and 18 years confirm that they got the permission and agreement of their adults. For people under 16 years, we need a signature of their adults.

11. tenant

The material can only get used by the person, who has rented the equipment. The tenant confirms with his signature, that he has understood and accepted the rental terms.